So this isn’t goodbye, but… (aka definitely read if we’re friends from here)

I do have something to say about this blog, where my life is going, and what this blog has been to me.

Over the last 2-ish years I have used this blog for everything from making friends, fangirling, posting photography, finding new music, and just expressing who I am. I actually went back and found the first post I made, and it’s crazy how much I’ve changed. 

Here’s some parts of it:

  • "I love This Century."
  • "I try to never look back on what happens, but I always seem to dwell on the past."
  • "I feel like I have to be perfect because my older brother is bad, and I have to prove that I’m not him. Don’t compare me to people that I’m not like."
  • "I want to be something important when I’m older."
  • "I lost my best friend a couple weeks ago." (This was badly worded… I meant she dropped me as a friend.)
  • "In the last three years my life has changed so much, but I’m a teenager, so what do you expect."

So, as you can see, some things haven’t change! I still love TC, and I still change a lot. On that note, a lot has changed about me though.

  • I rarely dwell on the past anymore.
  • I try not to feel that pressure to be perfect and I’ve learned that I just need to be me and not anyone else.
  • I don’t feel the need to be something important when I’m older, I just want to be a traveling photographer.
  • Finally, the girl who dropped me as a friend has become a close friend again and has helped me get through a lot in my life.

So as you can see, I’ve grown quite a bit since I have had this blog, and that’s why I feel like it’s time to move on and start using my new photography blog as my main blog. 

I know most of my followers follow me on here because of the band pictures I post, the fangirling I do, and possibly my obsession with This Century or The Maine. 

If you’re someone who I’ve come close with on here, especially, thank you so much for being there. A lot of you guys (Sara, Jessica, Vicky, etc) have gotten me through a lot, encouraged me to do what I love, and helped made my Tumblr experience as amazing as it has been. Thanks so much, guys! I love you! (♥)

So, if you’d like to still be involved in my life and where I will post pictures, personal stuff, and you can watch my growth, feel free to follow me on my new blog

Thanks for all of you following me! You’ve been awesome and I may be on here still every once in a while! It’s been amazing!



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willow smith is 11, has half her head shaved, a tongue ring and is openly bi-sexual i think someone needs to go live with their aunt and uncle in bel air

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americano (by KarolineMelgaard)

“I’m your new delivery boy. Be at your house in 30-45 minutes”


Can my iPhone stop autocorrecting “so” to “do” thanks

more like “do” to “so”. once I said to the guy I liked that you will so fine instead of you will do fine. it sounded like I was calling him fine…

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Switching blogs!


Same url sarahhoffmanphoto, just click the link. You can unfollow this one if you want. I will not be posting from it anymore because I’m switching it to a main blog so I can follow some of you guys back and actually communicate with you.

Follow, guys! Sarah takes amazing pictures and I’m sure you’d all love to see her shots from Warped Tour!

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Alan Ashby || Of Mice & Men
July 22, 2012The Comcast TheatreHartford, CT
Tumblr | flickr | The Harmonic Series
I was the last person to arrive at the Of Mice & Men signing in Hartford due to a set starting and ending a bit late! Once I got there, there was a group of fans of the band who were extremely awesome and dedicated ahead of me! The girl right in front of me handed Alan this adorable cat that I think was supposed to be him in cat form.
Once she handed it to him he searched for a place to put it. Alan stuck it into his shirt and tried to make it peek out but it wouldn’t stay. Next, he tried to balance it on his shoulder but it continued to fall onto the ground. Finally, after about a minute of watching him struggle and trying to help, I asked for a picture of him with the nifty cat.
Of course, with Alan being the most adorable person ever, he placed it onto his should and gave it a kiss. One of their crew members quickly commented “Obviously it’s a boy cat!” but Alan just kept kissing it until I was able to get a good shot. 
This is why Alan Ashby is one of my favorite people ever.

Sigh, this was perfect.

Songs as Horror Movies:
→ When The Day Met The Night by Panic! at the Disco


frick man i just want fall tour dates to be released

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